Paul Hardcastle is a 10x multi-platinum selling, pioneering music producer with over 35 #1 singles and 20,000,000 hard CD sales worldwide to his name. He has won some of the music industry's most prestigious awards, such as the Ivor Novello, ASCAP, Billboard Artist of the Year, Best Billboard UK Artist of the Year as well as being nominated for 2 Grammy awards.

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Paul Hardcastle Hits Number 1 with Welcome to the Beach

Paul Hardcastle soars up to Number 1 in the USA Today Smooth Jazz Music Charts and Number 2 on Billboard So far 2021 has been a year to remember for Paul Hardcastle, with Welcome to the Beach featuring Rock Hendricks finally reaching the pinnacle of the Smooth Jazz US...

Hardcastle Music

The Hardcastle discography

In 1984, Paul Hardcastle founded his own record label and from then on self-released all of his music. Therefore, Hardcastle Music has the sole-rights to all of his releases past this date. Due to high demand from his fans for the highest quality versions of his music, Paul Hardcastle has made his studio masters available to purchase via Bandcamp. It doesn’t get any higher quality than that!

 Paul Hardcastle jr

The namesake of his father, Paul Hardcastle Jr was raised to love and play incredible music. Paul is a true virtuoso and can play several instruments but has built himself an international reputation as one of the world’s most sought-after saxophonists, percussionists and DJ’s. Paul travels internationally to perform at live events and studio sessions worldwide. 

Maxine Hardcastle

International DJ/Singer/Producer Maxine has boldly crafted her way through the music industry over the last decade, her emphatic displays as a female DJ for hire leading to her being signed by the Pacha DJ Agency in 2015.​ Her incredible DJing, vocal & production capabilities, setlist and industry pedigree is why she is one of the UK’s most sought-after DJs for corporate events, luxury weddings and private functions.






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